Benefit In-Network Out-of-Network
Exam Copay $10 N/A
Exam Allowance (once every 12 months) 100% after copay Up to $45
Materials Copay $25 N/A
Eyeglass Lenses Allowances (one pair every 12 months)
Single Vision 100% after copay Up to $32
Lined Bifocal Up to $55
Lined Trifocal Up to $65
Lenticular Up to $80
Contact Lenses Allowances (one pair or single purchase every 12 months)
Elective Up to $130 Up to $105
Therapeutic Covered 100% Up to $210
Frame Retail Allowance (one every 24 months)
Frames Up to $130 Up to $71

Pay less with in-network providers

When you go out of the Cigna network for vision services, you will pay for your services up front and then be reimbursed for only a certain amount of each expense.

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Semi-monthly Rates

Benefit plan options Employee Employee
+ Spouse/DP
+ Child(ren)
Vision $0.25 $3.00 $3.25 $5.00